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Snapshot:  Keyboardist, Composer, Music Producer and Sound Designer Gabe Carmona is also a sought-after studio session player who often crosses from R&B to Jazz to Classical, Pop, Latin and Reggae. Born and Raised in San Jose, CA (Bay Area), he grew up in a musical family rich in culture. Gabe credits the legacy of Carmona musicians before him and proudly carries on this musical legacy.  Today, you can find the Carmona name (Gabe's Grandfather) etched in stone next to greats Stevie Ray Vaughan and Janis Joplin. Over the last 20 years however, Gabe has come into his own as an Artist and performed with the industry’s best. These days, he remains actively creating new music in his private studio.


Since launching his company 88kMedia® based in Nashville, TN, he has released his solo album The G Suite which has already caught the attention of The Smooth Jazz Magazine, the R&B community, Radio Stations and Curator Playlists. Under 88kMedia®, he’s also producing new arrangements for media/TV outlets including BBC, BravoTV, The National Geographic Channel, MTV, The Discovery Channel, Temponaut Timelapse Films, E!, VH1 and others.


Label/Sessions: Universal Records, Capitol Records, Sony, Warner Brothers, Gibson Jazz Fest, NFL, iHeart Sessions, and events with many of his favorite gear/tool manufacturers used in his productions today, such as ROLI, Korg, Yamaha, and Roland.

Full Bio: ​ Gabe has always been a model student of the art of Music. He wasn’t classically trained, yet performs Bach, Beethoven, and others. The upscale likes of Juilliard were a long way removed, in more ways than one, from his hometown of San Jose, California, but it was there that the very first seeds were sown for his musical journey; between his immediate love for Music, and his family's long standing tradition of performances, he was handed a solid grounding in Latin arrangements, whilst his own tastes drove him towards soul, classic R&B, and hip hop. He taught himself to play the piano, becoming proficient enough by the age of fifteen to wow record executives landing him in studio sessions throughout the West Coast. From there he worked in various studios and eventually become a Touring Musician, Musical Director, and hired by iconic artists.


Over the last 20 years, Gabe has collaborated in various writing, production, and studio musician sessions at Universal Records, Capitol Records, Sony, Warner Brothers, and iHeart Radio to name a few. In addition to these opportunities, he has recently agreed to start productions and submits to media outlets such as BBC, NatGeo, The Discovery Channel, Temponaut Timelapse, BravoTV, MTV, E!, Focus Features, Fox Searchlight, VH1 and others.

Having worked with or performed with countless industry all-stars such as Wyclef Jean, George Benson, Ruben Ramos, Steve McCarty, Steve Miller Band, Melody Makers- Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Mikey Dread, Don Carlos, Yellowman, The Wailers, O-Shen, Fiji, Ekolu, Taz Vegas, Humble Soul, Kawao, THC - The Heartical Crew, Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole, and others.


With the belief that music is universal, and a musical network created over countless performances and studio sessions, he is more focused than ever to bring and create quality content.

Gabe is honored to carry on the family's musical legacy.   Visit the Carmona Legacy Music Page here.






When creating new music, Carmona stays up-to-date on industry trends but doesn’t try to write specifically to fit the radio format. In his words “Although I am aware of current radio playlists, whatever is moving me at that moment is what dictates the session." I also believe whether I am wearing the producer hat or creating in the studio myself, we all play a role. As a producer, it is our privilege to take an idea from an artist and bring it to life. 
Whether it's guiding new artists, creating with raw undiscovered talent, or working with established artists, Carmona shares his experiences to inspire those around him throughout each step of the creative process.

Music Producer. Pianist. Mixing. Mastering. Artist. Sound Designer. Owner.


Since the age of 14, Gabe has performed on stage. While his early shows were performing with his family band, he would go onto perform on stages all over the world. In his words, "I would like to give a shout to not only the studio sessions at Capitol Studios, Universal Studios, but also the many stages I have been blessed to perform at including US Airways Arena, Gila River Arena, Red Rock Amphitheater, NFL SuperBowl Stage, Urban Jazz Festivals, GIBSON Jazz & Blues Festival, the Glendale Jazz & Blues Festival, HEINEKEN Hawaii Festival, and Aloha Stadium (Hawaii).
I am currently not touring. I am however in promotion mode for my latest album release 'The G Suite' Click here - I am also building our new home and studio 'G Suite Studios' in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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Gabe Carmona Music can be heard on all streaming sites.
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* The G Suite Album is now streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, TIDAL and more.

Gabe Carmona Music.


Gabe Carmona Music continues to donate musical royalties to various humanitarian, environmental and wildlife preserve foundations and organizations.
He is also a big advocate for Saving the Arts. #WECAN #BETHECHANGE

Gives Back.



88kMedia composition projects are also underway for clients such as BBC, Mother Nature Films, Temponaut Timelapse, as well as approved media submits to VH1, E!, The History Channel, The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, VICE, HBO and many others.


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