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So I literally have 15 mins before my next meeting, but wanted to share this video...again. Not sure if I will have time to give this the respect it deserves, but let me say it in 2 words; Black Mozart. I have had the pleasure of attending a concert of Ryan's. During the LES IS MORE album, I attended this concert not truly knowing what I was about to experience. Despite all that I have experienced in my musical career (mentioning non-pretentiously), I was truly inspired by Ryan's passion as he hit each key /chord. Straight up, I understood and felt his passion, his work ethic, his desire to never settle; all while keeping the integrity of the music at the forefront. So yes, I immediately bought the album, subscribed to RL Music, followed him on social media, and became a #Renegade. The rest is history. 

I can confess that I have watched this video many many times. Anyone who has been in this industry long enough, understands that videos like this provide a jolt to your system; also known as a much needed shock to your system when it wants to relax. For some, as "success" comes, quality and /or the discipline to create true art diminishes. Moral of the story? Always remain hungry, work at your craft and NEVER be satisfied. As a pianist myself, I too create like Ryan; starting at the piano before moving to the DAW. 

Despite mirroring Ryan's passion for musical greatness and touring, we have yet to connect musically, but we do text and share emails (as part of the Renegade Group). My brother Mike (DJ/Musician) always tells me that I remind him of RLes. I appreciate that compliment of course. So for now, I say, "see you at the top Ryan". Renegades Up! 

So what's next? Press play and experience what Next Level sounds like.

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