Meet iZotope Neutron 3 | Modern Mixing Redefined

As a user of the iZOTOPE product lines for my latest productions, I was excited to preview and demo this NEW N3 mixing tool. Of course, always rely on your ears as well, but it is definitely a tool to check out! Enjoy.


Introducing the Revolutionary New Mix Assistant 

By far the most exciting new feature in Neutron 3 is the Mix Assistant (available in Neutron 3 Advanced only). This feature takes the Track Assistant from previous versions to a whole new level by utilizing inter-plugin communication between instances of Neutron. This makes it the first ever plugin that listens to your entire session and sets a starting mix for you. Neutron communicates with every track in your session and sets levels to give you a balanced starting point, based on a “focus” of your choosing. With this starting point taken care of, you can concentrate on the more creative aspects of mixing without wasting time simply getting your mix to sound balanced and clean. Of course, Neutron 3 still includes the Track Assistant from previous versions (now called Track Enhance), which analyses just one track at a time and suggests a signal chain designed specifically for that track based on the instrument profile chosen by the user. These two assistance modes make Neutron 3 the most powerful machine-learning assistive mixing plugin on the market today.

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